Robert Holland

Robert Holland ( is a senior fellow for education policy with the Heartland Institute.

Would Artificial Intelligence Guide Education or Grab It?


What is artificial intelligence (AI), and should we welcome it as a major force in education and other areas of our lives? Closing out 2017, Education Week published essays written by futurists that seemed to give a big “yes” to the second part of that question. The Encyclopedia Britannica explains AI is, at least in part, “the ability of […]

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Kids Need Talented, Tough Teachers


What makes the average grade-school child happy? Not necessarily notching a high score on a math test, if the results of a little study recently featured in Education Week, the education establishment’s paper of record, are to be believed. The study’s headline-grabbing conclusion was that, in general, teachers who do well in raising kids’ test […]

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Homeschoolers Don’t Need Federal Help


For the first time in the 38-year history of the U.S. Department of Education, the secretary of Education recently hosted a delegation of homeschooling advocates and legal defenders. The cordial nature of the occasion was no surprise; Secretary Betsy DeVos was a friend of homeschooling during her years as a private-sector advocate for school vouchers […]

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When the Rubber Hits the Road to Unobstructed School Choice


Obviously, the Constitution does not obligate a state to help nonprofits repave their playgrounds with recycled tires in the interest of making them safer for kids. However, if a state offers such a grant program, do its officials violate the Constitution if they reject a church preschool’s application due to the state’s longstanding ban on […]

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Feds Transform Title IX Into Enemy of Common Sense


Reversal of the Obama administration’s bodacious power grab that sought to make gender self-identification a federally protected civil right in all public school accommodations and activities should be just a small start of the restoration of reason needed at the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) in the U.S. Department of Education. For 40 years, infamous […]

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There Are More Important Things Than Appointing the Next Ed Secretary


The Senate confirmation process for President-elect Donald Trump’s Secretary of Education nominee, philanthropist Betsy DeVos, figures to be a battle royal early in the New Year. The teachers’ unions, ever influential with Democratic Party politicos, will be gunning big time for DeVos, because of her steadfast advocacy of vouchers and charter schools, which she and […]

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Education Reform: One-Size-Does-Not-Fit-All


Lately, education scholars at Washington, D.C.-based, nominally conservative think tanks have spun themselves into a tizzy about the education reform movement’s splintering into quarreling factions. Who knew such a monolithic movement existed? Even among strong advocates of parental choice, lively arguments have raged for decades over vouchers versus tax-credit scholarships, with each side arguing its […]

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