Richard Nadler

Richard Nadler is president of the Americas Majority Foundation, a Midwestern public policy think tank.

The Sovereignty Canard


Editor’s note: Richard Nadler, a veteran advocate of a wide range of conservative causes and former publisher of K.C. Jones, died suddenly at his home Saturday. We mourn his passing but publish with pride his final submission. It is a rage among certain thinkers, Right and Left, to denigrate trade agreements as an assault on […]

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Closed Door Politics


The election of 2008 proved catastrophic for opponents of comprehensive immigration reform. Republicans lost seven Senate seats — eight if the courts sustain Al Franken’s lead in Minnesota. On June 28, 2007, each of the eight previous office-holders (Republicans, all) voted to block the Bush administration’s immigration bill. Replacing these eight immigration hardliners are five […]

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