Richard Kelsey

Richard Kelsey is an Attorney, a former Assistant Law School Dean, Law Professor, and Virginia state court law clerk. Dean Kelsey was also the CEO of a technology company. He is a regular commentator on legal and political issues in print, and on radio and TV. His opinions are his own, and do not represent any institution or entity. His Twitter handle is @richkelsey.

Kaine Is Able: Why Hillary Will Choose Tim


The first lesson of picking a Vice President is to do no harm. Indeed, the pick is the first test of competence for a prospective president. It is said that a vice-presidential pick has little effect on a national election. That is mostly true, but somewhat misleading and shortsighted when one views the current electoral […]

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The Musket Amendment and the Internet Bill of Wrongs


I imagine it is much easier to be both a social media user and a heart surgeon than it is to be a social media user and a lawyer, law dean, or law professor. I have never found a Facebook heart surgeon, but the Internet has 6 billion constitutional lawyers. If you want to know […]

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