Richard Brookhiser

Richard Brookhiser is a senior editor of National Review.

Thomas Jefferson: A Scientific Man — Aug.-Sep. 1978


In honor of president’s day, the Spectator will be republishing this week essays and reviews on our nation’s best — and worst — leaders. Inventing America: Jefferson’s Declaration of IndependenceBy Garry Wills / Doubleday / $10.00 Garry Wills has probably always been most comfortable in the past. I first heard some of the ideas that […]

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A New York Couple: November 1992


Editor’s Note: Happy Repeal Week! In honor of the abolition of the 18th Amendment, we’re republishing this 1992 piece in which Richard Brookhiser of National Review praises his favorite hotel bars in New York City. A drink in the lounge of the Algonquin Hotel was the setup for the best birthday present I ever got […]

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