Rex Sinquefield

Rex Sinquefield is president of the Show-Me Institute, a St. Louis-based free-market think tank.

Fake History That Inspires Today’s Progressives


Mindful of Voltaire’s dictum (“To hold a pen is to be at war”), we take up the pen against five enduring myths about the Russian Revolution and the advent of socialism. The five myths are long-standing pillars of falsehood — used to curtail liberty, justify past atrocities, and (in the name of “progress”) lead free […]

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Making Missouri Great in a New Age of Decentralizing Government


If politics and policy were twin babies, politics would be first out, screaming for food and attention. Policy would be busy thinking of life beyond the crib. Where politics looks for quick fixes, policy seeks long-term solutions. If ever there were a time for the second-born twin to shine, and to get on with the […]

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