Rachel Alexander

Rachel Alexander is co-editor of IntellectualConservative.com

Where the Blogs Have No Names


The Internet has become a great soapbox for ordinary citizens, but there is increasing controversy around the trend of anonymous political blogging. In 2006, it was estimated that 55 percent of Americanbloggers post under a pseudonym. But along with the explosion of anonymous blogs has come a whole host of problems. Some bloggers have used […]

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Don’t Smile for the Camera


Traffic speed cameras are now used in 45 cities nationwide. Theoretically, bringing in revenue through speeding tickets instead of taxation while promoting public safety appears to be a win-win proposition. In reality, it just fuels more wasteful government spending. In Arizona, speed camera revenues fund a new, optional, experimental government agency that only a few […]

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Changing of the Guard


Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano has done little to protect the state from illegal immigration, and under her leadership  Arizona is now tied for last place in the nation for emergency disaster preparedness. So why has incoming president Barack Obama picked Napolitano for secretary of homeland security? It clearly has nothing to do with her record. […]

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Still Goldwater Country


Pundits are scratching their heads trying to figure out why Republicans — and predominantly conservative Republicans at that — did well in Arizona this election. Everywhere else across the country, Republicans did poorly as voters turned out to vote for the charming Barack Obama. Obviously, McCain being on the top of the ticket in Arizona […]

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The Newspaper Belongs in the Trash


Traditional media outlets are dying and savvy conservative politicians have taken to ignoring them — or hastening their demise. Instead of subjecting themselves to heavy-handed interviews and biased coverage, Republicans are finding other ways to reach the public with their campaign messages. It’s an approach the McCain-Palin ticket may have adopted too late. McCain’s campaign […]

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Taking the Civil Rights Initiative


Contrary to popular perception, racial quotas have never been fully struck down by the courts as unconstitutional. The U.S. Supreme Court has upheld preferential policies it considered “modest” or where it found evidence of past racial bias. Even this year’s high court decision limiting race-based school assignments was limited in its scope. Affirmative action remains […]

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