P.J. O’Rourke

Is Smoking a Right? — July 1996


Editor’s Note: CVS Caremark has joined the “happy-face fascists” by deciding to remove all tobacco products from its shelves. The company tells us that it is doing this for altruistic reasons: that pharmacies focused on health care cannot logically also sell cancerous cigarettes. As if a company would lose $2 billion for the health of […]

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Why the GOP Does Not, Like, Totally Suck


Do you have a mopey young person in your family? Does he or she possess an all-ebony wardrobe, have a lop-sided haircut, and know what “latte” is? Is this “slacker” lying on your couch all day listening to Hootie and the Blowfish CDs? Or making a lifetime career out of going to college? Or still […]

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Fashionable Worries


This is a moment of hope in history. Why doesn’t anybody say so? We are no longer in grave danger of the atomic war which, for nearly fifty years, threatened to annihilate humanity and otherwise upset everyone’s weekend plans. The nasty, powerful, and belligerent empire that was the Soviet Union has fallen apart. It’s nothing […]

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