Pierre Rigoulot

Pierre Rigoulot is Director of the Institut d’Histoire Sociale in Nanterre and the author of North Korea: A Rogue State (2007). He is also the author of books on France during World War II and contemporary Cuba, and a contributor to The Black Book of Communism (1997).

Kim Jong Un, Champion of Olympic Values


Paris Relax, folks, we were only having a bad dream. There were no North Korean nuclear tests. Twenty-odd missiles, several capable of making the flight over the Pacific Ocean, were not fired. The regime’s top man did not compare Barack Obama to a monkey. He said nothing of those dirty Americans paying for their crimes, […]

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Trump, Kim — Who’s Crazy? Who’s Foolish?


Observers ascribe the confrontation between the United States and North Korea to a clash of personality disorders. This is a vulgar error. Kim Jong-un has a clear objective, which is to equip his country with a nuclear deterrent force. Such an instrument would be a major step toward assuring an “independence” which is more fantasy […]

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Our Islam Problem—and Islam’s: Our Position


Pierre Rigoulot is a French historian, author of many books on the Collaboration period and communist regimes, notably in Cuba and North Korea. A contributor to the Black Book of Communism, he directs the Institute for Social History, a Paris think tank founded by Boris Souvarine and headed, since the passing of the much regretted […]

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