Peter Hitchens

Peter Jonathan Hitchens is an English journalist and author. He has published six books, including The Abolition of Britain, The Rage Against God, and The War We Never Fought. He is a frequent critic of political correctness, and describes himself as an Anglican Christian and Burkean conservative.

The Foul Tornado


To say that that the First World War was the greatest cataclysm in human history since the fall of the Roman Empire is to put it mildly. The war destroyed so many good things and killed so many good people that civilization has not recovered and probably never will. Long after it officially ended, it […]

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UKIP’s Tremor


Democracy is very well-defended against public opinion. Political parties, especially, are immune to almost everything that the majority actually desires, and are much less interested in mass tastes than shopkeepers, broadcasters, or industrial corporations. Modern politicians employ battalions of professional deceivers and manipulators, whose main job is to persuade the electorate to want what they […]

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Ukraine Apart


In the year of collapse, 1992, Russia was about as bad as it could get. But Ukraine was even worse than that. Here is a small illustration of the difference: When I lived in Moscow (which I did in that era) I always tried to take my vacations in the Soviet sphere. In the summer […]

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Half Nelson


On the Saturday following Nelson Mandela’s death, the crowds at several British soccer stadiums applauded in his memory for 60 seconds. The event was not spontaneous, but announced in advance by the sport’s governing bodies. It is strange and full of portents, and we should all pay attention to it. Professional soccer, a coarse, spiteful, […]

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Should We Worry About Violent Video Games?


Imaginary Guns Don’t Kill People, Either By Scott Shackford This year’s biggest blockbuster didn’t appear in movie theaters but in living rooms. Grand Theft Auto V, the sprawling, cartoonish vice simulator of a video game, was released on September 17 and earned $800 million in just 24 hours. By the end of the week it had […]

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The Arab Spasm


IT IS BECAUSE we no longer understand our own societies that we cannot understand other countries. We learn little from their problems and crises because we have stopped thinking about our own constitutions, laws, and liberties. The disappointment of the supposed Arab Spring—better described as an Arab Spasm—follows only a few years after the similar […]

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Revenge of the Fruitcakes


Conservative politicians in the modern world generally despise their own voters. They need them at election time, but they do not enjoy meeting them, and find their views on morals, migration, education, and crime embarrassing. This is a problem only when the voters find out. Even then, the supporters of right-wing parties are by their […]

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I’m Not Getting Married in the Morning


The day may yet come when the only people who want to get married in Britain will be lesbian clergywomen. This is extrapolation, but in our ridiculous, disintegrating country, it is not especially wild extrapolation. The Church of England long ago flung off its corset of respectability and its bonnet of restraint, and is heading […]

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The Right’s Reefer Madness


When I pray for my enemies these days, it takes quite a long time. Any conservative in the modern world must learn to enjoy being hated by the right people. But I have recently had to lengthen my list of foes, for I have earned the loathing of a group of persons who call themselves “libertarians.” […]

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