Peter Flaherty

Peter Flaherty is president of the National Legal and Policy Center, a foundation promoting ethics in public life. The group sponsors the Government Integrity Project.

Texas Smear Machine Targets DeLay


If nothing else, you have to give Travis County Democrats credit for thinking big, like real Texans. Apparently undaunted that the assault on President Bush’s National Guard service blew up in their faces, they are now trying to bring down House Majority Leader Tom DeLay. All roads in the CBS memo scandal traverse Travis County. […]

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Viacom’s Parental Duty


How should a business owner respond to a highly compensated employee in a position of great responsibility engaging in seemingly irrational behavior that is causing great harm to the firm and its brand names? And what if the company is in a business like news reporting where reputation is everything? Of course, it depends on […]

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When Good Deeds Get Punished


It is a good thing Fred Wertheimer and other self-styled campaign finance reformers were not around 65 years ago. Otherwise, the polio vaccine may never have been developed when it did. In 1938 President Franklin Delano Roosevelt founded the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, now known as the March of Dimes. Its stated mission was […]

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