Pete Peterson

Pete Peterson is a writer in southern California. He previously contributed “Little Saigon Eyes Kerry” to the online American Spectator.

Too Close to Call


COSTA RICA — I won 5,000 colones (about 10 bucks) on Sunday’s Super Bowl. And I gave 4 points. But here in Costa Rica the big game was the presidential election, which is still not decided. Oscar Arias’s name might ring a bell outside of CR as he got himself a peace prize a few […]

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The Nutty Professor


LOS ANGELES — The pressing question at the Los Angeles Press Club last Wednesday evening was, “What kind of election coverage can we expect from the national news media?” If your immediate answer is that we could expect slant, innuendo, forgeries, and international polls rooting for John Kerry for President, you’d only have to open […]

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Little Saigon Eyes Kerry


DATELINE: SAIGON — Little Saigon that is. In the largest Vietnamese enclave outside of Vietnam they remember the Vietnam War as the American War. Spanning the three Orange County, California cities of Westminster, Garden Grove and Santa Ana, the residents of this communist-free (by legislation) stronghold have little use for War Hero candidate John Kerry. […]

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