Perry L. Glanzer

Perry L. Glanzer teaches in the School of Education and the Institute of Church-State Studies at Baylor University.

The New Animal House


National Lampoon’s Animal House, a well-known 1978 movie celebrating college hedonism appears quite ancient these days. For instance, the idea of a Dean of Students attempting to control the exploits of the “animals” when it comes to sexual activity remains a historical artifact now found only on certain religious campuses. Today, rampant sexual activity makes […]

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Seeing Through a Fake Injury


Numerous American parents experience this dilemma. Their child is struggling for any number of reasons in the local public school. They would like to give their child a chance in another environment. However, they cannot afford to move or choose other educational options. They’re trapped. You would think that a law meant to reduce the […]

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What Obama Should Tell the Kids


Once again I received a note home from my son’s school about President Obama’s address to school kids. Since Obama has now made this questionable practice a tradition, I’d like to suggest what Obama should say. Unlike those who might be concerned that Obama will try to brainwash the children about health care, I think […]

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Don’t Get CAUT Policing Canadian Higher Education


Since I married a Canadian, we celebrate Canada Day by toasting with Canada Dry and teaching our kids Canadian history and facts. My two boys especially love learning historical tidbits about the Mounties, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. It appears I need to teach my kids about another police branch in Canada. The name of […]

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Confusing a Liberal Education With Public Education


In my study of education, one of the most common assumptions I find among scholars is that public educational institutions do a better job of providing a liberal education, one that helps students think critically about different worldviews, than other forms of education. This assumption stems less from evidence and more from the liberal hubris […]

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President Obama’s Odd Example


In my study of America’s system of higher education, I have never seen it compared to health care. Thus, when reading President Obama’s health care speech last night, I was surprised to find him making reference to higher education to make an important point. The problem is that if President Obama’s speechwriter knew anything about […]

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Up the Down Staircase With Hugo Chavez


This week Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez threatened to take away a cherished right of parents in his country — the right to direct their child’s education. Of course, Chavez did not directly threaten this right. Like most state authorities, he attacks through regulation. Chavez threatened to close or take over private schools that did not […]

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When Religion Is Worse Than Internet Porn


Imagine the local librarian telling your teenager, “If you and your friends reserve a room and use our Internet connection to view pornography, the library will not interfere. Please remember, however, that you cannot hold a religious worship service in the room.” Problematic? The Contra Costa Library Commission does not seem to think so. The […]

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