Paul Gullo

Paul Gullo is a veteran of several Republican campaigns including McCain-Palin 2008 and Trump-Pence 2016. He is the founder and president of the Red Umbrella Group, a political consulting firm based in New York State.

Mattis, McMaster, and North Korea


North Korea has the potential to become the greatest foreign policy crisis for the Trump administration. Fortunately, President Trump has a very capable Secretary of Defense, and an exceptional National Security Advisor that are uniquely qualified on this issue. North Korea is also one of the few issues where there is still some bipartisan consensus. […]

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Rex Tillerson: The Next George Shultz?


Over the past several weeks, President-elect Trump’s selection of Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State has brought much rebuke from the left for his dealings in Russia and close relationship with President Putin. Notwithstanding the other 100 plus leaders Mr. Tillerson has met with during his esteemed professional career, Tillerson would complement President-elect […]

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