Patrick J. McCloskey

Patrick J.  McCloskey is editor-in-chief of 360 Review magazine, which is published by the University of Mary in Bismarck, North Dakota. He is the author of The Street Stops Here: A Year at a Catholic High School in Harlem (University of California, 2010) and serves on the advisory board for Reilly Center for Science, Technology and Values at the University of Notre Dame.

Lifting the (Oil) Ban on Economic Prosperity


Lifting the crude oil export ban would enable American producers to take advantage of huge opportunities for significant world-market share. Domestic petroleum companies would prosper even at current oil prices. In turn, this would power substantial economic growth—including a manufacturing renaissance—and help reestablish U.S. geopolitical influence. Thousands and eventually millions of jobs would be created […]

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Plan B: Dealing With Iran As a Responsible Nuclear Power


(An earlier version of this article was published on Like it or not, it’s time to deal with Iran as a responsible nuclear power. Yes, responsible. No nation either can or is willing to stop the Iranians from going nuclear but themselves, which is highly unlikely. The question is, what’s the best approach going […]

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Welcome to the United States of Alice


At a restaurant in Manhattan some years ago, I asked the waitress, apparently on her first lunch shift in that profession, about the soupe du jour. She went to ask the chef and three minutes later returned to say, “The soupe du jour is soup of the day.” Her answer wasn’t helpful but not deliberately […]

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