Patrick Basham

Phantom Plastic Peril


To judge by the scary headlines and news reports, the latest threat to American children comes in the shape of a plastic baby bottle. According to the National Toxicology Program (NTP), Bisphenol A (BPA), which is used in thousands of plastic consumer products, including baby bottles, poses a danger to the health of infants and […]

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Wednesday’s Headline: GOP Keeps House Majority


What could be more fun on election night than witnessing America’s faux conservatives punished for their domestic overspending and foreign overreach? How about the Invisible Woman of the 2006 campaign, Nancy Pelosi, stranded on her liberal beachhead, her gaze fixed upon a Speaker’s gavel that lies within her reach but beyond her grasp? The latter […]

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No Ducking the Issue


Once Chicago celebrity chef Charlie Trotter announced that he would stop serving foie gras in his restaurant because it was produced by inhumane methods, the fight over the French delicacy assumed a profile out of proportion to the number of Americans who have ever tasted the food. A group of protesters forms weekly outside New […]

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Blair in a Pickle


Tony Blair must wish he were George Bush. While both administrations wage war on terrorism, the terrorist weed choking London is much harder to stamp out because it’s growing in British soil. Our fastest-growing religion is Islam but here the numbers aren’t a security concern, as a commitment to Islam hasn’t overwhelmed a strong attachment […]

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London Falling


ENGLAND — It was classic British understatement: “We advise you not to travel by train into central London.” That’s how my overnight transatlantic flight was greeted at the gate at Heathrow on Thursday, 10 minutes after the first terrorist bomb. Once we were finally allowed into the arrivals area at Terminal 3, the other shoe […]

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