Paige Lambermont

Paige Lambermont is a junior at American University and a Young Americans for Liberty Media Ambassador, she is also a participant in the Young Writers Program.

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road? To Encounter a 25% Tariff


This morning, President Trump tweeted “Our Steel Industry is the talk of the World. It has been given new life, and is thriving. Billions of Dollars is being spent on new plants all around the country!” As of June 1st, the 25% tariff on steel and 15% tariff on aluminum now apply to Canada, Mexico, […]

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Substitutes Aren’t Misinformation


I love a perfectly seared medium-rare steak, but my preference doesn’t dictate what other people can do, or what they’re allowed to refer to things as. That is basically the question being discussed in the Missouri meat labeling case. No one owns the words that we all use, and evolving word usage is not the […]

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Harry Potter and the Reason to Read Another Book


The Harry Potter series is the defining work of literature for many Millennials. It has no doubt had an impact, and despite being a children’s series, it is something that many people have carried a love of into adulthood. But, there is a difference between loving a children’s series and using it as the basis […]

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College Isn’t for Everyone … and That’s Okay


In recent years, the focus on encouraging high school students to pursue higher education has increased. This has led to a dramatic increase in college attendance, 15% growth between 2005 and 2015 alone. In itself, this encouragement of education is laudable. But, the problem lies in the execution of this encouragement. The focus on higher education is […]

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