Nicholas Thimmesch II

Nicholas Thimmesch II is a longtime Washington-based media consultant who served in the Reagan White House.

The Media ‘Protests’ Too Much


Just as Obama said to a minister that deciding whether life begins at conception is “above my pay grade,” I would not dare to predict the results of whatever has happened let alone what the United States should have done in reaction to the so-called “protests” in the Middle East and Africa right now: it’s […]

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Lyn Nofziger: An Appreciation


Lyn Nofziger, who passed away from cancer Monday at his longtime home in the Washington suburb of Falls Church, Virginia, was the epitome of the cliche, “Salt of the earth.” Rumpled, cantankerous, outspoken, and yet sublime, Nofziger was a witness with a front row seat to both Reagan Revolutions, the first one that took place […]

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