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Bishops Migrate to Washington


The rise of “nones“ has left churchmen reeling. Surveys find that a growing number Americans are religiously unaffiliated — that means empty pews and empty offering plates. Catholic bishops recently took to Capitol Hill with a peculiar effort to reverse the decline. Six bishops held a Mass in a D.C. church and met with lawmakers […]

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There’s Method to Hillary’s Methodism


While much of the world had its eyes on Rome where Pope Francis canonized Popes John XXIII and John Paul II last weekend, a group of United Methodist women in Louisville did something of the same for Hillary Clinton. The one-time First Lady told an Apr. 26 assembly of the United Methodist Women that being […]

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Kennedy’s Wall


Rick Santorum’s grandparents had three photographs hanging on a wall in their home when young Rick was growing up: Jesus, the pope, and John F. Kennedy. Back then, Santorum recalled in an October 2011 speech to College of Saint Mary Magdalen students, “Kennedy was an icon.” Later, after reading one of Kennedy’s speeches, Santorum “almost […]

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Razing Reagan


THE ONLY CHICAGO HOME of the only president born and bred in Illinois is now a pile of rubble. Ronald Reagan lived in that toddling town as a young boy, and before the itinerant Reagans moved again, young “Dutch” survived a bout with pneumonia and decided he would become a fireman. When Reagan visited Chicago […]

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Feel-Good Catholics on Good Friday


I slept in on Palm Sunday. My Lenten penance: a very bad homily. Chicago has a Catholic church on nearly every corner and many offer evening Masses, so I knew I had options. I decided on a five o’clock Mass near a university campus and expected some Kum ba yahing, but certainly not heresy. After […]

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Charlie Sheen Redeemed


If you thought Charlie Sheen’s cocaine-induced antics were out of this world, wait until you meet Sheen’s other “half.” Since 2003 Angus Jones has been better known as Jake Harper, his character in the hit television sitcom Two and a Half Men. The role has made Jones a multi-millionaire, but his newfound faith has led […]

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From the Ranch to the Vatican


If you ever find yourself in Ronald Reagan’s bathroom, you may notice something peculiar about it. There’s nothing all that unusual about the facilities themselves. It’s a plain old bathroom. But one decoration stands out. Hanging on the wall above a towel rack is an icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Christ child. […]

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The W. Writers Workshop


I still remember one of my first encounters with Donald Rumsfeld. I had recently relocated to Washington, D.C. and spent some time working in his office. We were discussing something not all that pertinent. Responding to a question, I began, “Quite honestly.” He interrupted me. “Nick, don’t preface something you say with ‘quite honestly.’ It […]

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