Nathan Benefield

Nathan Benefield is vice president of policy for the Commonwealth Foundation (, Pennsylvania’s free market think tank.

Free Markets

To Achieve the Goals of ‘Socialists,’ Try Free Markets


Across the nation, including my home state of Pennsylvania, socialism is growing in popularity. Political activists styling themselves as “democratic socialists” are swinging and even winning primary elections. Candidates tout socialized medicine, free housing and college, and even universal income. Polls suggest Democrats — while enjoying the benefits of capitalism — still prefer socialism. Whether this preference […]

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We Don’t Need a Superhero President


If the thought of Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump in the Oval Office frightens you, you’re not alone. Polling suggests Clinton would be the second-most disliked presidential nominee ever — trailing only Trump. Almost two-thirds of voters say neither is “honest” or “trustworthy.” If that disturbs you, here’s an idea: Maybe it’s time we give the president — and […]

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Parent Choice in Education Wins


Private school choice programs benefit students, public schools, and taxpayers, according to new report from EdChoice. The report, the fourth edition of A Win-Win Solution: The Empirical Evidence on School Choice, summarizes the findings of 100 studies of education choice programs providing scholarships to students attending private schools. The analysis finds that school choice improves education outcomes […]

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Corporate Welfare Binge Burdens State Budgets


The Stanley Cup isn’t likely to go on display in living rooms across Pennsylvania, but state taxpayers deserve a piece of the trophy. After all, they subsidized this year’s final. The NHL champion Pittsburgh Penguins had faced the San Jose Sharks inside the Consol Energy Center — an arena financed by the Keystone State to […]

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