Molly O’Connor

Molly O’Connor was an intern in 2009 at The American Spectator. She continues to work for the Spectator in Marketing and Advertising.

Sanford No Second Coming


Wake up conservatives. The election of Mark Sanford to Congress should not send a message to the GOP elites to back bad candidates. It is also not some angelic story of redemption and grace…or the second coming…or even the raising of Lazarus. Let’s review the facts. Four years ago, Mark Sanford left his wife and […]

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Coming Out of Their Shells


Apparently, the turtles are also hurting in this recession. Florida and Massachusetts want to use part of their stimulus funds to help build “turtle tunnels” under major highways. Taxpayers, in an economic recession so bad that the government needed to temporarily take over part of private industry (think automotive), are funding the prevention of roadkill. […]

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Quotations from Speaker Newt


Introduced as “a true American patriot,” former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich was all smiles as he took the stage in front of conference room overflowing with young conservatives Tuesday afternoon. Gingrich used his time in the spotlight at the Annual National Conservative Student Conference not to inspire future leaders, but instead encouraging passionate […]

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Chewing the Fat


The federal government and individual state governments are facing widespread budget falls for this fiscal year and the next. It’s a pity spending less is not in the left-wing toolbox of solutions. Instead, we face possible taxes on unhealthy foods from the federal government as discussed this week at the Center for Disease Control’s first […]

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Obama’s Latest Clunker


President Obama has certainly been busy with his bailouts, stimulus packages, and attempts to take over the health care system. It seems as if the money that we don’t have is still burning a hole in his pocket. Obama’s efforts to stimulate the economy ($1 trillion here, $1 trillion there) continue with the implementation of […]

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Revolutionary Fervor for July 4th


“Action is the soul of revolution.” The declaration rang out as new protesters approached the Upper Senatorial Park for the D.C. Independence Day tea party. This sentiment echoed throughout the crowd as various attendees sported t-shirts and signs to incite action in congress and the presidency and to protest from the cap-and-trade tax to nationalized […]

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Congressional Conservatives Offer Health Care Alternative


Anti-Obamacare legislators have moved beyond criticizing and offered the Health Care Freedom Act as an alternative to nationalized health care.  Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) and Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga.) spoke out today to announce the plan and react to President Obama’s Wednesday press conference.  Like Obama’s plan, Sen. DeMint’s bill also aims to get all […]

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