Michael Van Winkle

Social Security Psychology


It’s becoming clear now that the Bush/Rove Social Security strategy just isn’t going to payoff. To no surprise, all reports coming out are that compromise has been exhausted and stalemate has set in. Some poll numbers supporting personal accounts have been dropping and Democrats still win the “trust” polls on the issue. One can only […]

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Whose Crisis Is This Anyway?


Like everyone else, I thought it was the Democrats. After a stinging and humiliating loss in November, a loss that hinged in many ways on their position on the Iraq War, the party turned around and gave Howard Dean (the architect of that position) the leading role in post-election party reconstruction!? Their formula for success […]

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The Obama Myth


Illinois Senate candidate Barack Obama’s speech last month at the Democratic National Convention was not so much a coming out party as a grand orchestration. Since Obama won the primary in March he has received a remarkable amount of national and international attention. From the New York Times‘ op-ed page to the New Republic‘s, cover […]

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