Michael Tanner

Heck of a Job, Doctor Brownie


Groucho Marx famously referred to second marriages as “the triumph of hope over experience.” He could just as easily have been referring to those who believe the federal government should run the American health care system. Just take a look at the health care systems the government already runs. The Veterans Health Administration system is […]

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At Last a Small-Government Conservative?


With his long awaited entry into the presidential campaign, former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson says that he will base his campaign on the “first principles” of “individual freedom and limited government.” If he follows through, he will have an opportunity to position himself as the only small-government conservative in the race. As I wrote in […]

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Big Business for Socialized Medicine


A group of big businesses is pushing increased government control of health care as a means of beating its market competitors. The Coalition to Advance Health Care Reform, a new corporate lobby founded by Safeway CEO Steve Burd, includes a number of companies, like Safeway, that provide health benefits to unionized employees and have long […]

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