Meghan Keane

Battle of the Online Classifieds


The story of a nimble Internet firm eating the lunch of a lumbering brick-and-mortar chain has become an old standby, but Wal-Mart is hoping to reverse that trend. The big box retailer quietly launched an online classifieds portal last month. The move has prompted speculation that Wal-Mart might be the last, great hope of flagging […]

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The Emperor’s Rub


As Eliot Spitzer’s once promising political career fades into distant memory, the career of more than one misadventurer has gotten a leg up in the past few weeks. This weekend, Brazilian madam Andreia Schwartz was offered a plea deal to spill details of her dalliances with the former governor. She chose to keep quiet and […]

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Anatomy of a Mugging


If Virginia’s Democratic governor set out to make the Republican legislature look incompetent, he has succeeded beyond all measure. One would have thought that a Republican majority in both House and Senate could keep taxes from rising, but it’s actually eased the process. It all started earlier this year when Governor Mark Warner proposed the […]

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