Megan Basham

Blogging With Bile


Now that the hiring and subsequent retiring of John Edwards’s two anti-Christian bloggers is over, conservative commentators from all corners of the internet have started bidding good night to the Edwards campaign. The public “nyah nyahs” demonstrate that many are still missing the larger picture of the incident: while this may or may not mean […]

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Cartel Assassins


EL PASO — When the Drug Enforcement Administration announced in July that Mexico has overtaken Colombia as the number one importer of illegal drugs into the U.S., it exposed another, sometimes discounted threat posed by a lax immigration policy. Certain areas of our country are becoming awash in drugs at levels that surpass even the […]

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Baghdad Hill Blues


After a string of recent flops including the much-maligned Blind Justice, television producer Steven Bochco is again garnering high praise, this time for a series focusing on soldiers in the current Iraqi conflict. Over There, which debuts tonight on F/X, marks a milestone in television as the first series to fictionalize an ongoing war. Firsts […]

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