Maxford Nelsen

 Maxford Nelsen is the labor policy analyst at the Freedom Foundation in Olympia, Washington.

Taking Leave of Sickness


Oregon’s Legislature just passed a law requiring employers to offer five days of paid sick leave to their employees per year, making Oregon the fourth state to adopt sick leave mandates for employers, following Connecticut, California, and Massachusetts. At the federal level, President Obama called for a national paid sick leave law in his 2015 […]

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A $15 Minimum Wage


A small suburban Washington city of 27,000 has recently taken center stage in the national debate over living wages. Voters in the City of SeaTac will soon decide on Proposition 1, a ballot initiative to establish perhaps the most draconian employment standards in the nation, complete with a $15 minimum wage requirement. Labor leaders are thrilled, […]

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God and the Minimum Wage


Claiming divine mandate for his mission, new Labor Secretary Tom Perez received a standing ovation for his address to the AFL-CIO Convention last week in Los Angeles. But while labor leaders found much to praise in Perez’s agenda to grow the economy “from the middle out,” American workers and business owners should consider themselves warned. […]

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