Matthew Taylor

Matthew Taylor is an editorial intern at The American Spectator, with a scholarship from the National Journalism Center. He is a graduate of Hillsdale College. Email him at or follow him on Twitter @mjohntaylor.

A City in Heaven


In Search of the City on a Hill: The Making and Unmaking of an American Myth(Continuum, 244 pages, $24.95)Richard M. Gamble  In November 1979, while Jimmy Carter worried over the United States’ “crisis of confidence,” Ronald Reagan announced his candidacy for the presidency. He told the country what it believed about itself: It was not […]

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The Day Ahead: Wed, Dec 5th


Michael Medved: Tax Rate Nostalgia (Townhall) Hillary Clinton tops 2016 Poll (ABC) Five Film Composers on Creating a World (LA Times) Rubio, Ryan look to Inclusivity, Growing Middle Class in joint Speeches (WaPo) Confrontation between Rival Protestors looms in Egypt (Reuters) Court Upholds F.C.C. Order to Telecom Corps to Open their Networks to Competitors (NYT) […]

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The Day Ahead: Tues, Dec 4th


15 Cops Injured in Northern Ireland over British Flag Protest (NBC) Syrian Capital Besieged (NYT) London Mayor pressures Cameron for referendum on E.U. Membership (Reuters) FBI to abandon J. Edgar Hoover Building? (WaPo) The Case for the Filibuster (NRO) One Holder Aide Falls to Fast and Furious Investigation (Politico) An Heir Apparently (BBC)

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The Day Ahead: Mon, Dec 3rd


Homeless Man Hides Boots to Protect his Life. (NPR) Will Sandy Relief fall of Fiscal Cliff? (WaPo) Owner and Wealthy Squatter Fight over Apartment. Fallout from LA Foreclosures. (LA Times) Kim Kardashian causes Islamic Protest in Bahrain (NY Daily) AAA and Renewable Fuel Advocates Do Battle (Politico) …US Shale Oil Corps Struggle to Expand Overseas […]

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The Day Ahead: Wed, Nov 28th


Oliver Stone Screws it up Again (NRO) Obama, Boehner completely Ignoring Negotiations (Politico) Senior GOP Lawmaker Bends on Taxes (WSJ) The New Future of Spacetravel (NewScientist) Cubans to Pay Taxes for First Time in 50 Years (NBC) Costco Special Dividend to Help Shareholders Beat Fiscal Cliff Rate Hike (CNN)

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The Day Ahead: Tues, Nov 27th


Mexican Beauty Queen killed in Drug Shootout (CNN) China paper falls for Onion’s “Sexiest Man Alive” Award to North Korean Dictator (CBS) No Worries: Lapland is Rising Out of the Ocean (Baltic is Receding) (NBC) O.E.C.D. forecasts Low Growth and Global Downturn (NYT) Who’s got the Facts? Orice Williams Brown Does (WaPo) Local NY Backlash […]

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The Day Ahead: Mon, Nov 26


Time Short to Fight Obamacare in Courts (Politico) 10,000 Immortals: Long-term, Limited Presence in Afghanistan (WSJ) Catalonian Independence Bid Stalls (Reuters) Syrian Rebels Seize Dam and Airbases (NYT) Betsy Woodruff: Girls, not Women (NR) Art from China’s most famous Dissident Artist (FP) LA School Sells Cheesecake to Raise Money for Anti-Obesity Program (LA Times)

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