Matthew Sheffield

Matthew Sheffield is the president of Dialog New Media, a marketing and media firm specializing in building mass audiences for clients. He is the founder and editor of, based at the Media Research Center.

Obama’s Climate of Intimidation


Both parties constantly make accusations that their rival is engaged in hypocritical, unethical, or illegal behavior. Given the drastic lack of ideological diversity in the American elite media, the general public usually only hears about such accusations against Republicans. Beyond the fact that biased reporting shapes public opinion to favor the left, it may also […]

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There We Went Again


Most observers of the 2008 presidential campaign — even including some liberals after the fact — were shocked and appalled by the media’s pro-Barack Obama sycophancy. Unfortunately, the intentional and unintentional advocacy of the media on behalf of Obama was even worse in 2012. There are many reasons why the conservative movement failed to achieve […]

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Right Needs Expansion, Not Dismemberment


Political losses are interesting to watch. Generally speaking, the left and the right handle them differently. Too often, the tendency of the right is to talk about how certain groups are holding the rest down. Primarily the debate is between those who favor social conservatism and those who favor economic conservatism. Each group insists that […]

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