Matthew Melchiorre

Matthew Melchiorre, the 2012-2013 Warren Brookes Fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, is a licensed emergency medical technician in New York and Pennsylvania. Follow him on Twitter @MatthewMelchior

America’s ‘Other’ Inequality


There is a highly unequal distribution of common decency between most Americans and those who abuse the welfare state. But amid the ongoing hubbub about income and wealth inequality, this disparity of propriety gets short shrift. Forget the monetary cost. It’s the social price tag—and its polarization of politics—that’s killing us. Let’s be clear, I […]

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Republicans Dishonor Thatcher


Margaret Thatcher’s passing led many around the world to reflect on her legacy. In the United Kingdom, reactions ranged from fond remembrances by supporters to street protests by detractors. In America, Republicans have lionized her, highlighting her strong ideological bond with Ronald Reagan. But today’s GOP seems to have strayed very far from the Reagan-Thatcher […]

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S&P’s Regulatory Politics


Within 24 hours, the Obama administration went from attacking Standard & Poor’s first-ever downgrade of U.S. debt to almost embracing it. On the Friday night after it was issued, a Treasury department official made public a dispute about an error in which S&P had overstated U.S. liabilities. S&P acknowledged the error, but said it didn’t […]

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Time to Re-Privatize Fire Departments


All across America, municipal governments are awakening to the costs of overly-generous public sector compensation. In Orange County, California, the average total pay and benefits package for a firefighter is $175,000 a year. Firefighter unions say that there can be no cuts to fire department budgets without putting the safety of the public at risk. […]

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