Mary Rybak

Mary Rybak is an editorial intern at The American Spectator.

Breakthroughs in Unethical Cloning


A report in TIME Asia Magazine shows that unethical coercion of women has contributed to the work of Dr. Hwang Woo Suk, Korea’s chief stem cell researcher. After failing to receive a sufficient number of donated eggs from the public, Hwang’s head scientists were obliged to offer $1,500 to female lab workers to give up […]

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Treacherous Talk


Saddam Hussein’s murder-and-torture trial has been a rocky and winding road so far. The trial has already resulted in death threats, murdered witnesses, and fleeing lawyers. The open-and-shut trial some Americans envisioned has not materialized, dispelling the illusion that a trial would promptly solve the Saddam problem. Last February I had the chance to speak […]

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Abortion Survivors?


Yesterday the Sunday Times brought attention to the tragic fact that about 50 babies are born in Britain each year due to failed abortions. The likelihood of a baby’s survival increases with every week of gestation. Medical experts are now suggesting Britain no longer allow abortions beyond 18 weeks (6 weeks lower than its current […]

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Troublesome Compassion


An organization in Little Rock, Arkansas, recently concluded two months of life-changing help to women devastated by Hurricane Katrina. Did it offer to help these displaced women build new homes? No. Did it offer to help pay their bills for medical care, regular check-ups, prenatal pills and tests? Nope. Did it offer to find adequate […]

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