Maayan Jaffe-Hoffman

Maayan Jaffe-Hoffman, a director of international communications for an Israeli think tank, is a former editor for the Jerusalem Post and former editor in chief of the Baltimore Jewish Times.

America’s Political Frankenstein


President Trump’s tweets, albeit often confusing, increasingly dominate America’s information and political landscape and have inadvertently helped to shed light on a deeper problem within American politics, a sort of hysteria in the American media and political apparatus. A Frankenstein-like patchwork has made its way home, one of our own making, developed to influence foreign […]

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What Makes a Muslim Ally?


There is new depth and intensity to the threat of terrorism on the soil of the United States and its allies. According to reports, in 2016 there have been 1,274 terror attacks in 50 countries, in which 11,774 people were killed and 14,303 injured. We see variant reactions by our world leaders to these attacks. […]

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