Liv Finne

Liv Finne is Director of the Center for Education Reform at the Washington Policy Center in Seattle.

Even a Billionaire Can’t Get the Public School Monopoly to Work


Late last year, billionaire philanthropist and Microsoft founder Bill Gates announced his foundation would spend another $1.7 billion on public education initiatives over the next five years. Toward the end of his announcement, though, Mr. Gates said something revealing. He reconfirmed his belief in central planning, still looking for reforms that “scale out,” as he […]

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Seattle Mayor Discriminates Against Charter School Students


Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan recently announced that Seattle will give free ORCA transit cards to Seattle public high school students so they can ride city buses for free. She announced: …Seattle’s youth have been calling for greater transportation equity for a number of years, and I heard them. At my first State of the City […]

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The Janus Decision May Restore Respect for Teaching as a Profession


Teaching is a noble profession. It enlightens minds, promotes wisdom and insight, and opens the doors of opportunity to a brighter future. Good teachers deserve our respect and admiration for the hard work they do in educating children. Over the last 30 years, though, respect for the teaching profession in public schools has declined due […]

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