Lindsey Stroud

Lindsey Stroud ( is a state government relations manager at The Heartland Institute.

Celebrate Public Lands Day the Right Way


September 22 is the 25th anniversary of National Public Lands Day, celebrated by the National Park Service (NPS). This year, the day “will focus on [the] restoration and resilience of our public lands.” Although NPS’s efforts are honorable, the federal government’s continued custody of public lands is doing more harm than good to these precious […]

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Tobacco Funds Fill Government Coffers, Not Help People Quit


In the 1990s, more than 40 states sued the major tobacco manufacturers to recoup costs allegedly incurred from treating smoking-related illnesses. After years of courtroom battles, the two sides developed the Master Settlement Agreement (MSA). Under MSA, the companies agreed to pay states “over $200 billion for tobacco-related health care costs,” and in return, the states […]

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Celebrate Small Business Week the Right Way


Happy Small Business Week, an annual celebration by the Small Business Administration of “America’s 30 million small businesses.” Small businesses, the backbone of the U.S. economy, employed 48 percent of all American workers in 2016, and were deemed “the engine of the American Dream” by President Donald Trump — who, once upon a time, was also a small business owner. Though […]

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