Lew Bryson

Lew Bryson is the author of “Tasting Whiskey,” published in 2014, and four books on the breweries of Pennsylvania, New York, Virginia, Maryland and Delaware.

The Keystone State’s Drinks Laws Are Improving — A Bit


The alcohol-policy landscape in Pennsylvania was static — almost glacial — for most of the past 40 years. However, these days, the glaciers are melting and the landscape is shifting. New laws and interpretations are coming every few months. The evolution in our drinks law is welcome and overdue. But in the short term, it […]

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Pennsylvania’s Awful Alcohol Laws Turn Rational Citizens Into Criminals


I am a criminal. I regularly break the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. At least once a month, I drive across the border to New Jersey, pull into the parking lot at Joe Canal’s Discount Liquor in Lawrenceville, go in the store and buy booze. I’ll get a half-dozen bottles of wine, a few […]

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Pennsylvania’s Bad Beer Regulation System Lives On


Eight years down the road, supermarket beer sales are changing the entire alcohol beverage sales category in Pennsylvania, and not for the better. Given our state’s comically byzantine alcohol laws, Pennsylvanians remain pathetically happy that some of us are now allowed to buy beer in supermarkets. If it seems remarkable that this has only happened […]

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