Leon Hadar

Leon Hadar is a global affairs analyst, journalist, author, and blogger.

Germany, Germany Über Alles: A Nationalist and Isolationist Merkel?


In June 2011, President Barack Obama’s Defense Secretary Robert Gates, addressing the Security and Defense Agenda, a Brussels policy center, bluntly criticized NATO nations, for what he insisted was their failure to fulfill their commitments to increase defense spending and participate in the military alliance’s activities. He warned of “a dim if not dismal future” […]

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Trump’s Middle East Strategy Takes Shape


Middle Easterners first had to deal with an American president who employed military power in the region, trying to advance “regime change” and “nation building.” Then came a president who was hoping to reduce military intervention in that part of the world, allowing the Arab Spring’s “winds of change” to blow there freely. Presidents George […]

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