Lee Cohen

Lee Cohen is a Visiting Senior Fellow at the Danube Institute in Budapest. He is also a Senior Fellow in European Affairs at the London Center for Policy Research in New York. He spent years advising the U.S. House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee on European affairs, and was founding executive director of the House United Kingdom Caucus.

Stop the Fake News That Hungary Is Anti-Semitic


Next week Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban makes his first visit to the state of Israel. This symbolic and diplomatic event, considered against a consistent record of pro-Israel support and concrete measures to confront anti-Semitism in Hungary, should bring closure to the myth, popular among the Left, global Jewish organizations, and in the world press, […]

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Good Timing for a New Improved European Friendship


Events are lining up so that the U.S. might find compelling an invigorated relationship with on-the-move Central European player — Hungary. Last weekend’s G-7 Summit, along with the recent historic meeting in D.C. between our Secretary of State and the Hungarian Foreign Minister, as well as a general “same page” vision of many priorities between […]

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