Larry Alex Taunton

Larry Alex Taunton is a cultural commentator, freelance writer, and the author of The Faith of Christopher Hitchens and The Grace Effect. You can follow him at or on Twitter @larrytaunton.

America on Trial


“Your graphic of the Flag of this great Nation is unacceptable,” began @ronwilliamswv’s tweet blasting me. “UnAmerican. To be cute, it is depicted as flying upside down? Awful.” “It’s not meant to be ‘cute’ or ‘unAmerican,’” I tweeted back defensively. “It is meant to show how some view America — as a bad nation unworthy […]

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The Gathering Storm


In a 1934 speech before the House of Commons, Winston Churchill said this: “Germany is arming fast, and no one is going to stop her. I dread the day when the means of threatening the heart of the British Empire should pass into the hands of the present rulers of Germany … I dread that […]

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Leftist Anarchy, Not Trumpian Fascism, Is the Real Threat to Democracy


At this moment, I am on assignment in Europe, a continent that, like America, seems more screwed-up with every visit. To escape the insanity that threatens to engulf us all, this morning I decided to work remotely from a small French town. Hammering away on my laptop, I sat down to enjoy a nice breakfast […]

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Trump’s Promise to Keep Americans Safe


While Charles Schumer weeps and lawyers are deployed; as protesters protest and accusations fly — amidst all of the general hysteria about President Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration, let’s pause, take a deep breath, and for a moment consider the apparent purpose of the order itself: To keep Americans safe. That’s another way of […]

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Jihad in the Cathedral


On January 6th, St. Mary’s Cathedral in Glasgow, Scotland, hosted a guest reader for this Scottish Episcopal Church’s Feast of the Epiphany worship service. The reader was neither clergy nor Christian layman. Indeed, the reader was not a Christian at all. Moreover, the reading was not from the Bible, the Book of Common Prayer, or […]

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The Religious Right Needs a New Strategy


Last week I published a column here titled “Donald Trump and the Great Evangelical Compromise.” It created something of a stir. Studies suggest that people only read headlines or a paragraph or two, but seldom do they read whole articles and, well, I believe those studies are on to something if that article is any […]

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Donald Trump and the Great Evangelical Compromise


“If Hillary Clinton is elected,” began a passionate evangelical acquaintance to me over breakfast, “Christianity in America is over. America is over.” This cheery start to my morning served only to make my already burnt coffee that much more bitter. The anxiety such a statement expresses is common among evangelical voters. A few days later […]

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