Kevin Michael Grace

Kevin Michael Grace runs the website The Ambler.

Goose-Stepping to the Beat


At the close of the ’80s cult classic Repo Man, the reaction of the studio’s publicity director was a horrified “I hope they don’t show this in Russia.” After the completion of MTV’s latest halftime show, the reaction of anyone who loves America is a horrified “I hope they don’t show this in the Middle […]

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Never Trust Anyone Over Thirty


Arise, Sir Michael! Mick Jagger was knighted Friday, joining Sir Elton and Sir Paul. Some conservatives grumbled, including Keith Richards, seemingly under the impression his musical partner had been raised to the peerage: “I don’t want to step out on stage with someone wearing a coronet and sporting the old ermine.” Mick, as usual, had […]

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The Hundred Years Waugh


When Evelyn Waugh died, only a bold man would have bet on his reputation. 1966 was the apotheosis of “Swinging London,” but Waugh, while a Londoner born and bred, was the antithesis of swinging. Waugh was, in modern parlance, a snob, a racist, and a sexist. He was a self-styled “craftsman” who loathed proletarian culture. […]

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Bathroom Breaks Only


It’s playoff time again, so I’ll be watching a lot of baseball on TV in the next few weeks. I’ll take in a lot of ads but I’ll also miss quite a few. I will, for example, take advantage of the commercial breaks to channel surf, stretch my legs, or grab something from the fridge. […]

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And They Call It Puppy Love


Gay-Yee’s favorite color is red. Eos’ favorite food is Thai green curry. Haylie’s favorite animal is a “poodie cat” named Moo Shoo. Tania’s favorite color is blue. Gay-Yee, Eos, Haylie, and Tania, in case you hadn’t guessed, are members of a string quartet. They are called bond. bond’s collective likes include lipstick lesbian posturing; collective […]

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