Keli Carender

Keli Carender, a mother of one in Seattle, is the Tea Party Patriots National Grassroots Coordinator.

Winning or Whining With the Tea Party in 2014?


David Catron took to these pages Monday to excoriate conservatives and tea partiers for GOP losses in November, you know, the November that is still over a month away. Why would he do this? Well, after using every dirty trick in the book to make sure the establishment candidates won their primaries this year, those […]

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Socialism, Seattle Style


The extended recession of the Obama administration and the sluggish economic recovery have spawned something of a faddish parlor game among the liberal intelligentsia; whether American capitalism has run its course and it’s time to usher in a socialist model of government. After all, with stubbornly high unemployment, workforce participation at historic lows and myriad […]

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