Kavon W. Nikrad

Kavon W. Nikrad is a political commentator who runs Race42016.com and has written for the Washington Times, Roll Call, and USA Today.

A Congressional Perk You’ve Never Heard of: Death Gratuity


Renowned 19th-century frontiersman Davey Crockett is perhaps best remembered today for his heroic exploits in the Texas Revolution, a war in which he gave his life at the Battle of the Alamo. However, another less-remembered anecdote from his legendary life has newfound relevance for today – the story which inspired Crockett’s speech “Not Yours to Give.”    […]

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CBO: America is Going Bankrupt


For much of this year, the left has contended that America no longer has a spending problem, citing a shrinking deficit for 2013. However, in the latest Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report released last week, CBO Director Doug Elmendorf blew that theory out of the water: The federal budget deficit has fallen faster than we […]

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