Kathy Shaidle

Kathy Shaidle runs the website Relapsed Catholic.

Shut Up, They Complained


“Ezra Levant’s big mouth saved Ezra Levant.” So said one long-time admirer last week, when Levant finally won — sort of — what many are calling “Canada’s first blasphemy case in 80 years.” “Sort of” because Levant still faces 17 additional legal battles ostensibly related to his re-publication of the Danish Mohammed cartoons in 2006. […]

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Banned by AOL


For more than three years, I’ve run a weblog about religion, politics — the usual non-dinner-table topics. And each December, regular as Rudolph, I diss Kwanzaa. The fake “African harvest festival” (invented by a Marxist black supremacist ex-con in 1972) is now celebrated by school kids in place of Hanukah and Christmas. Call me crazy, […]

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Kwanza Komedy


‘Twas the night before Kwanzaa And all through the ‘hood, Maulana Karenga was up to no good. He’d tortured a woman and spent time in jail. He needed a new scam that just wouldn’t fail. (“So what if I stuck some chick’s toe in a vice? Nobody said revolution was nice!”) The Sixties were over. […]

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TORONTO — Salman Rushdie earned the muftis’ wrath by insulting the prophet Mohammed. Raheel Raza’s crime was trying to praise him. A journalist and activist for inter-faith dialogue, Raza is no stranger to hate mail or crank calls. She’s even been pepper sprayed for criticizing her fellow Muslim immigrants in print — the “whining” ones […]

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Changing Her Religion


TORONTO — Irshad Manji is still alive. The local press accounts make it sound like there’s a contract out on the young author’s life. That her new book The Trouble with Islam: A Wake Up Call For Honesty and Change is the next Satanic Verses. The book is, literally, daring. “I have to be honest […]

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