Kathy Hoekstra

Kathy Hoekstra is a reporter for Watchdog.org.

Public Pension Defenders Make Naughty List A Who’s Who of Conservative Organizations


Editor’s Note: This piece is an ongoing investigative series in partnership with Watchdog.org’s state-level journalists. Pension budget woes beset nearly every state in the union and cities and municipalities are also being hit with unprecedented pension debt. Baby boomers are retiring. Some state and local budgets allocate more funds for pensions for retirees than they use […]

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Freedom to Sleep Where You Want


Sara Bowers is among the 100 million people around the world who use Airbnb to find lodging when she travels. But she says using the home-sharing app makes her feel like one of a kind. “You can choose exactly where you want to stay, whose home you want to stay in and what sort of […]

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Want Cheaper Childcare? Reduce Worthless Regulations


Juggling a sprouting career and rapidly sprouting children is challenging for any young mother. For Boston native Gina Coletti, that challenge is confounded simply by living in Massachusetts — the nation’s most expensive state for child care. “It was my only option so I didn’t think twice,” Coletti, 31, tells Watchdog.org. “I was annoyed at how expensive it […]

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