Katherine Eastland

Katherine Eastland is an assistant editor at the Weekly Standard and an illustrator. Her art can be viewed at keastland.com.

Staying Alive


Ancient tongues like Latin tend to enter our daily lives in small ways. There is the quick phrase sitting like an italicized island lending polish and age, if not pretension, to what we write. In art galleries there is the occasional tapestry with Latin embroidered in the top and bottom margins or in the spaces […]

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We’ve Got Mail


Yours Ever: People and Their LettersBy Thomas Mallon (Pantheon, 338 pages, $26.95) “Oh, my dear friend, my heart was trembling as I walked into the post office, and there you were, lying in Box 237. I took you out of your envelope and read you, read you right there.” So sighs Klara Novak in the […]

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