Katharine Boswell

Bill the Baptist


ATLANTA — Given the timing of his February 1 speech and the large Baptist audience (including a large African-American presence), the question on everyone’s mind as former President Bill Clinton took the podium at the Georgia World Congress Center was: Will he go there? “There” in this case means “partisan.” The event that he was […]

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Bad Girls


Prude: How the Sex-Obsessed Culture Damages Girls (and America, Too!) By Carol Platt Liebau (Center Street, 320 pages, $22.99) Despite the title, Carol Platt Liebau’s treatment of America’s sex-saturated culture is anything but prudish. She is not afraid to expose the seamier side of popular culture, and this book is not for the squeamish. If […]

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Potter Plants


WASHINGTON — I’d like to start by clarifying: I am not one of those rabid Harry Potter fans. I’m not a member of one of those online fan communities, I am not one to dress up in costume and, until Friday, I had never been to one of the fabled midnight release parties. A midnight […]

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Antioch Agonistes


Despite the efforts of its alumni, and the indignation of its students, Antioch College is closing its doors next summer. The college’s board of trustees voted to “suspend operations” next July in hopes of reopening the school in four years. Remaining students will be allowed to finish their degrees at an adult-education facility in Yellow […]

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