K. Andrew Jackson

K. Andrew Jackson is a writer in California.

Imagine Private Property


Mao must be screaming from his petty-bourgeois hell. In the People’s Republic of China’s greatest leap forward yet, the Chinese parliament is moving to protect private property rights by amending the country’s constitution. By March 14 the process should be complete. To understand the size of this development, imagine if the U.S. were to replace […]

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Retail Politics


LOS ANGELES — A company with a history of offering low prices proposes to bring its style of retailing to town. City leaders should be happy: great deals, more jobs. But not in deracinated L.A. A group of City Council members want to keep Wal-Mart out. It’s likely the full council will approve the ban. […]

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Habitat for Terrorism


LOS ANGELES — The last three-and-a-half miles of the Western end of the U.S.-Mexico border is a stretch of rough country pocked with canyons, mesas and other natural wonders in an undeveloped area — a rarity in Southern California — that runs right up to the water’s edge. Admirers laud it as a place to […]

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