Justin Haskins

Justin Haskins (Jhaskins@heartland.org) is an executive editor and a research fellow at the Heartland Institute.


The Perils of Ending Columbus Day


Citing Italian explorer Christopher Columbus’ abuse of Native American tribes, the Los Angeles City Council voted on August 30, nearly unanimously, to end the city’s celebration of Columbus Day, traditionally held the second Monday in October. The holiday will be replaced with Indigenous Peoples Day, which will commemorate “indigenous, aboriginal and native people” of North […]

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Democrats Should Think Carefully Before Casting the First Stone


In a wild press conference on Tuesday, President Donald Trump doubled-down on his decision to criticize “both sides” of the violent Charlottesville, Virginia, protests and suggested some of the protesters attempting to save the city’s statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee were not racist, but simply concerned about liberals’ attempt to whitewash history. “George […]

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Debate on the Merits, Anyone?


Marching under the banner of “transparency,” there is a growing movement in the U.S. to limit truly free speech. The movement claims to be attacking “dark money,” but the reality is that its adherents want to shut up its ideological opponents. Independent expressions of support or opposition for candidates or political issues are marginalized by […]

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