J.P. Freire

J.P. Freire is a writer in Washington and a former editor at the Washington Examiner and The American Spectator. You can follow him on Twitter @jpfreire.

Braggers Rites


Millennials are a competitive lot, but we also don’t want to kill ourselves getting ahead. So it should be no surprise that we have perfected the art of bragging. They say that flattery will get you nowhere, but if you’re a self-flatterer, you’re just fine where you are. You also need everyone to know how […]

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What Obama Should Have Done During Subsequent Debates


I had made some notes over the last week about ways in which the president could have successfully hit home his message. Here’s what I came up with: 1.) He should have sung more Al Green. 2.) Performed a sweet jumpshot, preferably over Romney. 3.) Had Biden warm up the audience with topical jokes.  4.) […]

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Just Another Casual Conversation About Voter Fraud


When Rep. Jim Moran’s, D-Va., son and field director Pat was caught on video discussing the ways a campaign volunteer might commit voter fraud, the coverage focused on his relationship to his father. It makes some sense, given that he is working for his father’s campaign, but the conversation about voter fraud had nothing to do with […]

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CNN: Obama’s plan not “significantly new,” just same old stuff repackaged


Reporting the release of the new Obama agenda two weeks out from the election, CNN’s Jessica Yellin came out visibly annoyed: “There’s not anything significantly new in here, it’s just all compiled in a nice booklet now.” Here’s the video:  What’s remarkable here is that if the president’s campaign were confident in the narrative coming […]

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Acts of Terror, etc.


One of the weirder exchanges tonight? The discussion over whether Obama called the attack on the Benghazi consulate an “act of terror.” Candy Crowley jumped in to defend Obama (oddly) and fact-check Romney, to say that Obama did, in fact, call it one. The video of Obama’s speech in which he supposedly called it an […]

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Biden’s goal was the wrong one


The expectations were set incredibly low for Joe Biden. As Ryan would put it to him during the debate, “Sometimes words don’t come out of your mouth the right way,” eliciting laughter from the gallery. As a man who wouldn’t be taken seriously entering this debate, he couldn’t possibly be more buffoonish. So why not go ballistic and […]

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Who Said It? Jimmy Carter’s Birthday Edition


It’s the 39th president’s birthday, and what better way to celebrate Boy Wonder than to play a game! The following quotes are from either Barack Obama or Jimmy Carter. Guess which one said it! Get one right, add a point. Get one wrong, lose a point. Record your score below in the comments. We must […]

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Romney Vindicated: On Libya, Obama Shot First, Didn’t Ask Questions


President Obama accused Mitt Romney of shooting first and asking questions later when responding to violence unfolding in the Middle East. But a quick review of the timeline, and the White House’s “evolving” explanation for the attacks on the Benghazi consulate are beginning to make it clear that Obama’s the one who’s guilty of speaking too soon. “Let’s be […]

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Tampa is Braced, Busy, and Full


TAMPA – In what might be the strangest “news” to come out of Tampa, FL, the venue for the Republican National Convention, not a single police officer has objected to having his photo taken. While police officers in other areas of the country have become known for a whispered “War on Cameras,” the Tampa Police […]

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