Josiah Neeley

Josiah Neeley is Texas director for the R Street Institute.

Warren Buffett Takes On Texas’ Three-Tier Drinks System


In Texas, as in much of the nation, alcohol is regulated under the so-called “three-tier system,” which requires alcohol manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to be separate and independent from each other. Texas, however, takes this requirement to the extreme. Not only may a company not operate in more than one of the three tiers, but […]

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Beer Can Battles in Texas


What’s the difference between a beer can and a mayonnaise jar? It sounds like the opening to a bad joke, but it’s also the basis for a legal and regulatory battle being waged between the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) and an Austin-area small business. Cuvee Coffee is a coffee bar located in a hip […]

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Texas Hides Behind Its Bottles


It’s been a busy summer for booze-related litigation in Texas. I’ve written previously about the successful challenge by craft brewers to a 2013 law that makes them give away their distribution rights, and about a challenge to an overbroad interpretation of regulations preventing alcohol distributors from owning stock in grocery-store companies that sell alcohol. Now, […]

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Texas Cities Are Losing Control of Fracking


Overall, conservatives in Texas had a very good election night last week. Republicans took all the statewide offices, as indeed they have in every election since 1994, and claimed virtual supermajorities in both the state house and senate. Even a ballot measure on a light rail project in liberal Austin went down to defeat. Yet […]

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Much Ado About Voting


Voter ID is not a big deal. Or, rather, it is a big deal, but it probably shouldn’t be. Let me back up a bit. Over the past decade, there has been a growing movement in a number of states to require individuals to show photo identification when voting. Twelve states have adopted a photo ID […]

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