Joshua Shnayer

Joshua Shnayer was born and raised in Brooklyn. He graduated from Baruch College in New York as part of the class of 2010, majoring in Finance with a minor in Spanish.  He decided—after much deliberation—that he would be better as a writer than as a financier, and is currently pursuing work in journalism.

Joshua used to be involved in the realm of New York City politics, working for an assortment of politicos such as Anthony Weiner, but has long-since had a change of heart and convictions.

Financial Brinksmanship at Home and in Russia


The United States is already at war with Russia and stands on the precipice of the death of the dollar. Our banking system is a potential financial avalanche waiting for just one snowflake to unleash the calamity.   That’s what financial consultant and hedge-fund director James Rickards expects. In Washington promoting his new book The Death […]

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A Russian Knockout


A Russian triumphed over an American this past weekend. World Light Heavyweight Champion Sergey Kovalev soundly defeated Cedric Agnew. Meanwhile Russia seems poised to regain its status as a world power, to the embarrassment of the United States. After a week of President Obama fecklessly alternating between weak insults and moralistic assertions, and even as […]

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Jerry Seinfeld’s Individualism and the Racists Who Abhor It


Jerry Seinfeld is an individualist, and that makes him the natural enemy of racists everywhere. These days, racists often think of themselves as the champions of minorities, calling for quotas or affirmative action or equal representation in business or the arts. Seinfeld and other individualists are colorblind, and his recent remarks exemplify the spirit of […]

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Yellen Sworn in as Bernanke Ends Term With Fed Taper


Janet Yellen was sworn in yesterday as the fifteenth chair and first woman to head the Federal Reserve. She replaced Ben Bernanke, who presided over his final session during last week’s meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC). The Fed announced after that meeting that it would once again taper its monthly asset purchases. […]

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The Reid Doth Protest Too Much


Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is a gossip hound, and a champion in the fight against Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Shambling through the Senate halls, he’s been lampooned by the comedy group The Capitol Steps as the Senate’s “most charismatic” legislator. But last week he let loose on former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, who, in […]

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Bloomberg Ends Tenure With a Spree of Bans


Michael Bloomberg’s 12 year tenure as New York City’s mayor ends this month, and he’s going out with a ban. Last week, in the City Council’s final legislative session of the year, the council passed a Bloomberg-advocated ban on plastic-foam food containers, such Styrofoam cups and takeout boxes. The ban comes with a one-year period of […]

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The Fed’s Taperwork


The Federal Reserve Board of Governors announced today that they would begin a taper of monthly bond purchases made as part of quantitative easing policy. The taper, or reduction, is slight—a decrease in monthly asset purchases from $85 billion to $75 billion, or a little more than 10 percent, which would begin in January. While […]

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Salon Watch: Racism, Class Warfare, GOP Hating, and Oral Sex


We Read Salon So You Don’t Have To. The popular, far-left-leaning website Salon has, over the past several days, published writing as varied as the women’s studies courses at liberal arts colleges. Consider one article—a celebration of 10 movies that featured oral sex performed on a woman. Another is a motorcycle diary of sorts by a […]

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Fast Food Workers Rally for Dramatic Wage Increases


One week after a slew of protests and rallies at Walmart stores, organized by anti-Walmart groups seeking to disrupt the massive retailer’s Black Friday business, protesters are now directing their attention at fast food chains and organizing to call for a $15 working wage. Fast food employees joined professional protesters today in rallies sponsored by […]

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Result of U.S. Intervention in Libya: Sharia Law


The Libyan government voted today to make Sharia law the basis for all legislative policy in that country. Spurred on by the Muslim Brotherhood-supported Justice and Construction party, the Libyan General National Congress decided that current and future laws should be compliant with Islamic religious doctrine, and that a committee be created to monitor and […]

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