Jorge Amador

Lopez Obrador’s Election Fraud


Suppose that Al Gore had rejected the Supreme Court’s ruling, called on Democrats to occupy the Washington Mall for six weeks, and had himself sworn in on January 1, 2001, pledging to run an alternative government and “at all costs” to stop George W. Bush from taking office on the appointed day, January 20. The […]

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Bolivia’s Budding Cult of Evo


The Republic of Bolivia boasts a new national monument: the childhood home of Evo Morales, the country’s new president. In July, reports the Bolivian newspaper La Razon, Morales issued presidential decree No. 28807, declaring his hometown of Orinoca a “National Historical Heritage” site and turning the house where he was born into a “Historic Monument.” […]

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Cuba’s Unfinished Revolution


Maybe Cuba will finally get the chance to fulfill the promise of her revolution. Forty-seven years ago, Cubans of all walks of life cheered the fall of the hated dictator Fulgencio Batista and lined the streets of Havana to celebrate the march of the rebel leader, Fidel Castro, into the capital. During the war, Castro […]

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No Truce With Terror


Did the March 11 railway bombings in Madrid have anything to do with Spain’s participation in the Iraqi reconstruction? Terrorist propaganda notwithstanding, the facts suggest that they did not. Events both before and since indicate that the bombings are part of a broader campaign, and that withdrawing from Iraq has not enhanced the Spanish people’s […]

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