John Train

Lt. Gen: ‘Putin Has Knocked the Pieces off the Board’


For a long time, we’ve been playing checkers while Putin has been playing chess, combining tactics with strategy and looking several moves ahead,” said the General. “In Ukraine, though, he’s done something wildly different, to which we have no real response. He has simply knocked the pieces off the board.” The speaker, Lieutenant General Michael […]

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At Sea on an Aegis Destroyer


The attack, when it came, developed fast. The left-hand radar screen was displaying the coast of China; the right one, our own ship offshore, near Taiwan. Suddenly a streak rose from the launch area on the left, inland from the coast, on which our radar was focused. “Here it comes,” said the skipper, as the […]

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How to Invest in China


Ronnie Chan is an outspoken, friendly Chinese-American tycoon and philanthropist. When you go to Hong Kong, he is a man you are told to try to meet. Although a U.S. citizen, he has high contacts in Beijing, and it usually turns out that he has just had lunch with Henry Kissinger. I had the good […]

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